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Our Services

Bruce R. Hawkins Funeral Home offers funeral planning and services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We help take care of the details so you have more time to spend with your family.

Funeral Services

Whether you experience a sudden death in the family, or you have had a chance to be more prepared for your loss, our compassionate team will help you get through this period with understanding, respect, and dignity. We offer funeral planning with personalized service options.

Bruce R. Hawkins Funeral Home can accommodate both traditional and non-traditional funeral services. We offer a range of services, including chapel or church services, graveside, and memorial services. Every funeral service is customized according to your loved one's final wishes, and the family's desires.
We realize that each family's needs are different, and we are able to cater to your requests. You are given the option of picking out the casket and the location of the services, among other arrangement details.

Cemetery, Funeral Planning  in Philadelphia, PA

Our funeral home handles everything for you, from preparing necessary paperwork, such as processing vital statistics, preparing and placing obituaries, notifying the Social Security Administration, printing and preparing funeral programs, and preparing and conducting all funeral and burial services. For your convenience, a certified notary is on staff.

We are able to prepare the body for burial with embalming, dressing, and cosmetology services. We have a wide selection of caskets, urns, and vaults. We are also able to ship the remains both domestically and internationally.

Contact our funeral home today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for compassionate assistance with your funeral arrangements.

Memorial and Cremation Services

Say good-bye to your loved one with cremation services at Bruce R. Hawkins Funeral Home. We can assist you with choosing the right kind of urn for your loved one's remains.

Memorial services are conducted in the same manner and care as that of a funeral service. A memorial service is for those who prefer to be cremated instead of being buried. Instead of a body and casket being present, there is an urn representing the loved one.

For our clients who choose to have their loved ones cremated, the cremated remains can be buried, scattered, or returned to the family for safe-keeping. Memorial services also help to alleviate financial stress if this is a concern.

Urns, Cremation Services in Philadelphia, PA

Contact our funeral home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for personalized services to honor your loved one's memory.